Wondering Weight

It is 3:00 am and my brain is working overtime, the weight of the wondering, over what?  What could be keeping me from enjoying a night of uninterrupted sleep?  In a moment’s notice, life changed, out of nowhere, life took a turn for the better.

The thoughts that weigh on our minds in the middle of the day, or the night, are not always heavy thoughts.  Generally, when someone lies awake at night the first thought is, “they are struggling with something”.  Why does it have to appear as a struggle?  It is a rarity for the world to mention the lighthearted wonders that keep us awake.

~A missed moment of hope for someone in need is a blessing not shared~

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Together We Touch the Sky

Gathering pieces of life along the journey wondering how it will all fit together.  Where do we go from here, which direction is the next step? Behind or in front?  What does it look like?  The power that is within our spirit will give us the answers to all our questions as we take on the adventure ahead of us. Creating memories, the making of a story never imagined, reaching beyond the limitations set by the world.

Anything is possible if you just believe, He said. (Mark 9:23)

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The World Changes

Through this past election year, America has been changed and divided yet again.  When will we look at what is truth and what is important?  Please stop with the ugliness in your hearts and words, and let’s change THE WORLD the right way.

When we speak of the love we have for our family, shouldn’t that be ALL the world?  We have our blood family; we also have an adopted family.  In the beginning, God created us all as a family; we as humans are a family united.  It is not just those that appear to have it all together, even those that the world calls “the haters” of the world still love someone and are a part of the united family.  If you truly love even one person, animal, or object, I don’t believe you are to be called a “hater”. Continue reading “The World Changes”

Opportunities…Wishing I Would Have

How many times in your life have you looked back and said, “Wow, I wish I would have…?”  For me, I have too many to count.  Do you live with regret or do you move past it and acknowledge that you missed that opportunity?  We have all heard, “move past it and start realizing that you can’t change what is already gone”.  It is honestly the only way to move forward, however, the reality is, it’s also one of the most difficult things to do.   God closes doors and opens new ones every day.  We are given a helper, the Holy Spirit. Parallel with honesty, we have to be open and transparent to listen to the Holy Spirit.   We will miss more opportunities that God opens for us if we choose to be dishonest.  We have to get out of ourselves in order to be with God. Continue reading “Opportunities…Wishing I Would Have”

Cadillac Style

When I hear the word “Cadillac”, of course, my first thought is a really expensive car.  Something I personally can’t afford.  However, the point is; There is a High Price to Pay for “Cadillac Style” living.

So let’s look at it from a different perspective.  How would you rate your relationship with Christ?  Is it “Cadillac Style?”  Is it costing you?  Can I just say, it should be costing you! Continue reading “Cadillac Style”


Many times we go through our crazy days and we just want to stop to catch our breath.  I know for me, seems like I am always doing something and wish I had a day to do nothing, take care of no one but me.  I am sure many of us have this same feeling.   So how do we               stop

Recently, I have found a new found appreciation for the joy that God placed in my heart for stopping.  He reminded me that it’s okay to not do anything, it’s okay to have a wellness day for me, for yourself.  As a matter of fact, He encourages it from the very beginning of His Word. Continue reading “STOP”