A tool we all hold within us, “what you put out in the world is always coming back to you.”

When you have been carrying a dark cloud over your life and you see a piercing of light, that moment of clarity comes, suddenly it’s a peace beyond imaginable.  A light that radiates and brings more of our emotions to the surface helps us to see clearly.  As it comes, shining brilliantly and blinding at the same time, you adjust your view accordingly, you see your life waking up to a new perspective, you find what your purpose is or you’ve come to a realization that you’ve been pondering over.  It’s that moment, your “aha moment”!

Every action generates a force of energy, what we give, we receive.

Realizing for myself, every dark cloud that has been over me has developed a light passing through it right when I needed it the most. For that, I am grateful and blessed. The piercing light is more powerful though. It’s a robust brightness of vibrant colors, a source of colors you will never forget. The brilliance of the changing expressions and emotions you encounter during the process leaves you with a lifted weight of a burden that you have been carrying, ahh, at last, you are free!  Close your eyes for fifteen seconds, reopen them to adjust your vision. Your perspective has changed. You find where you belong, what your purpose is, and who you belong to.  The wait is over for you to blossom into the real you, the one that God intended for you to be from the beginning.

I have accepted what I expect to happen and what will happen are two different things.  What hurts is to expect something that you’ll never get.  I’ll never have some things, or some people in my path that I think should be. I trust God to do what is best according to His purpose for me, and those not in my path are not there because of one reason or another that I am not privy to know.  You may be wondering why someone walked out on you without giving you a reason, let them go, do not carry their burden, they are not meant to be a part of your blossoming future.

The vibrancy of the colors of life are the memories of the past, the present life we are blessed to have and the future. Make sure your colors blossom according to what matters most to you.  Give from your heart without expectations and God will help you bloom into the beautiful soul He created you to be!

“It is not about the position with God, but the presence with God”. 

Just as the flower blooms into a brilliant beautiful creation, so are you!  Take on your journey the heart that God gave you to give to others, be in HIS presence, however that looks for you, and blossom. His reward will come to you in abundance beyond your imagination.

In Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

May you be covered by His Garment of Grace,

Connie Ann

Photo Credit – Connie Ann Farmer – Cabbage Key, Florida 2018


Unlock Your Future

Ever give up on something because it wasn’t going your way or you felt that it wasn’t meant to be?  So many people give up on their dreams, whether childhood, teen or adult.  You’ve lost that passion for whatever reason, you’ve lost it.

I am here to say…don’t quit! Continue reading “Unlock Your Future”

A Beautiful You ~ You Are Enough

Blemishes.   No Defects.   Perfect.   Weaknesses.   No Mistakes.   Shortcomings.

You’re probably thinking, why the negative and positive words that are pointed out above.  Blemishes. No Defects. Perfect. Weaknesses. No Mistakes. Shortcomings.  As we consider the world of social media and the way we are to “appear” to the world, some find themselves flawed and less than enough.  Why?  Because we compare ourselves to others on social media and what they “appear” to have or look like.  We all do it. Each of these words represents a piece of our thought process at one time or another, the good and the bad.

Let us change our focus in the new year.  As we begin to look at the beauty within our hearts, the beauty that God created within you, think of yourself as flawless, a beautiful you!

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His Reflection


I moved to Florida in April 2012, and it’s been an awesome journey.  My spare room is what I use as my craft room, office and well the “catch all room.”  I started purging things today, just as most of us do at the start of a new year.  Start fresh, clean slate, organized and ready to take on the next chapter, right?

As I am going through papers and old stuff, I have this soft nudge in my heart telling me to stop working and look in the mirror.  God, what am I supposed to be looking for when I look in the mirror, I wonder. A couple of questions come to mind, “What does my next chapter, my next 364 days’ look like?”  “What is it that God desires for me to learn in this chapter?”

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