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Shifting winds Look in the direction, not the details...Steven Furtick, Elevation church We look up to feel the wind in our face and wonder, why the shift? Questions start racing in our minds. What happened, why did the wind suddenly go in a different direction?  We rationalize it by saying things like, "typical weather pattern, or… Continue reading Shifting winds

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One Marble, One Moment

The emerging pattern of looking backward hinders your growing future.  As our lives manifest into a state of wonder during the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask ourselves, what do we do now? Lose our marbles? …One marble, one moment. I recently heard “one marble, one moment” during a meditation session. It resonated with me. I thought… Continue reading One Marble, One Moment

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Messages from Above

“People gathered together and wrote individual kind messages on each one of those tissue papers and then someone glued them individually on the ceiling to create this beautiful picture of all the kindness we can do for each other." Hope. Kindness. Encouragement. Love.  For those who are struggling with any of these, you are not… Continue reading Messages from Above

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Quarantined. Stuck. Isolated. Solitude. Serenity. Peace. Quiet. Stillness. “Nobody has a purpose that was not meant to be shared.” Oprah Winfrey  Our earthly world has been infected, every beating heart is struggling with the exact same thing at this time with what is happening in our world today. Some even have a little more going… Continue reading Quarantined