One Marble, One Moment

The emerging pattern of looking backward hinders your growing future. 

As our lives manifest into a state of wonder during the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask ourselves, what do we do now? Lose our marbles?

One marble, one moment.

I recently heard “one marble, one moment” during a meditation session. It resonated with me. I thought what am I to do during this season of staying home? Lose my marbles? So, I began working on growing inwardly, revealing to myself what is important and what matters most to me. I found I needed to do more focusing on my future and quit looking back. I created a vision for where I want to be and how I will get there. I want to remember all the positive things that are happening, rather than the obvious concerns we all have, like finances, the country falling apart, am I going to get the virus, is my family going to get sick and so on. I am not alone in this, I am sure. All the questions come to the surface as we face trying times.

What positives could I even be thinking about, you ask? For starters, I embrace my alone time as it allows me to truly be honest with myself. Secondly, my family, my kids, my health, they are all equally important to me. While others may not agree with my choice to have my alone time, my life is based on the purpose that God has for me, not what others have for me. I need to take care of me in order to take care of my family. I have food and shelter, a loving partner who stands by me no matter how difficult and stubborn I can be, Paul always has my back. My beautiful puppy, Bella, who brings me so much joy. Family, friends and pets, there is nothing better!

One marble, one moment, the first thought that comes to mind is a jar full of marbles which leads to chaos, the one moment. The world we once knew as somewhat “calm” is in chaos because of “one marble”, COVID-19 (corona-virus). In the midst of the chaos, (aka, the moment), how do I choose to embrace this one marble moment and make it positive? I take time alone. I walk, run, write, update my website. I educate myself to grow my real estate business for when all the chaos is over I can be better in helping others. I soak up all that is in me and around me. I am grateful for the things I have and the people I have around me.

Americans are broken, hearts are hurting, homes are hurting, our trust in the system is fading, and it is being recognized all over the world. We must remember, we are not beyond being repaired. We will recover, and we will reflect on this time with some people learning from it and some people still trying to figure it out.

The key is to take one marble at a time and make the moment positive. One marble, one moment.

 Everything is repairable, it will look a little different,

but it will be repaired.

Just as the appearances in the rear-view mirror show us where we once were, we continue looking backward hindering our future because we forgot that God has already paved the way! 

Being in my alone time is rewarding and healthy.  As I sit right now, listening to the rain and the wind, I write and embrace my alone time as I find this intimate time with God delightfully comforting. The future I long for is that of stillness, calm and comfort, the peace knowing that I will not allow the actions of my past dominate my world and hinder my growing future. I encourage you to keep pushing forward, persevere, look inside yourself and envision a new you, a new future.

Name your one marble, one moment, and claim victory

My one marble, my one moment, hope. May the world unite as we are all humans facing the same pandemic of 2020.


Credits: Photo – Connie Farmer. The saying, “one marble, one moment” came from Oprah Winfrey during a Deepak Chopra meditation.


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