Stuck. Isolated. Solitude. Serenity. Peace. Quiet. Stillness.

“Nobody has a purpose that was not meant to be shared.”

Oprah Winfrey 

Our earthly world has been infected, every beating heart is struggling with the exact same thing at this time with what is happening in our world today. Some even have a little more going on than others. Here is the truth…We are all facing the fear of the outcome of this virus/disease. Everyday living is a battle. Where some are told by law to stay home, some are quarantined, some are self-isolating, some are finding solitude and serenity in the stay at home rule. Others are finding peace and quietness, maybe a little too quite.

I encourage you to evolve through the stillness of your time at home. Listen to your heart, connect with those that you are “stuck” with, because those that you are with could be gone tomorrow. Take this time to engage in family, in conversations, play games, watch old movies, sing together, dance, whatever it is that connects your hearts as though you were just beginning in the relationship. If you are “stuck” with family members, revive the relationship by sharing memories of all that you used to do and have some laughs along the way, create new memories.

So much in life is constructed in our daily living with comparisons that we lose our true self and living in the now. Use this time now to find you again and find your purpose. Learn, grow, and develop the wings to fly again, for when the darkness of this virus/disease has been stabilized…


Embrace your life as it is right now and

develop the wings to soar.  If you fall, so you fall,

get back up, adjust your wings and try again.  

Be in the now, open your eyes to see what is surrounding you at this very moment, breathe it in, take to heart the here and now, be intentional in the here and now. Whatever is holding you back is within yourself; figure it out. Ask yourself the questions, are you angry, are you bitter, are you frustrated, are you stagnant, are you content, are you happy, are you satisfied, think of what you can change while in the silence. Open your heart, show grace to others, spread your wings of love, be kind in a world that is under distress.

Remember, every heart matters,

it’s all in within you to let your heart shine to others.

You are made with wings of love!


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