A Breath of Fresh Air

Have you ever been somewhere and just felt the presence of something refreshing and inspiring, something that changed your whole perspective and lit up your face?

Often, we have these moments, however, we don’t act upon them out of fear of the risk of showing a side of us that we have censored.  To reveal our true uniqueness that God created us to be can sometimes be overwhelming, but the truth is that God desires for us to do exactly that, be our true self in Christ.  God wants us to be that “Breath of Fresh Air” to another person by being true to His word and authentic in His eyes.  What are we representing when we are among others? We have all made the statement, “hey, we need to get together soon and catch up”, how often are you following up on that statement? I ask myself the same question.  My answer…Not enough! Continue reading “A Breath of Fresh Air”


Picture this, above the clouds lies a beauty that only can be seen from an airplane.  When the plane takes off from the runway there is this beautiful blue sky, we see the sunshine, the clear waters below, the mountain tops, the greenery, the trees, WOW!!  God’s creation is amazing!!  Just when the plane starts to reach the right altitude and begins leveling out, we see the clouds beyond the horizon.  I love the clouds, when I think about clouds, I see them as a creation of white puffs of cotton balls in the sky.  From a distance clouds appear to be white, as we get closer to the clouds, they appear dark and gloomy. For me, the first thought is “Yuck, I want the blue sky and the puffy white cotton balls back”. Sometimes we see clouds morphed into images; they move so fast that when we look away for one second there is a puff of something else, or they are moving in a different direction.  It is beyond majestic how amazing our God’s creations are, above the clouds and below, that my eyes are blessed to see.  I am in awe! Continue reading “THE SILVER LINING”

The World Changes

Through this past election year, America has been changed and divided yet again.  When will we look at what is truth and what is important?  Please stop with the ugliness in your hearts and words, and let’s change THE WORLD the right way.

When we speak of the love we have for our family, shouldn’t that be ALL the world?  We have our blood family; we also have an adopted family.  In the beginning, God created us all as a family; we as humans are a family united.  It is not just those that appear to have it all together, even those that the world calls “the haters” of the world still love someone and are a part of the united family.  If you truly love even one person, animal, or object, I don’t believe you are to be called a “hater”. Continue reading “The World Changes”