hA ha hA…

the wind blows to the north

the wind blows to the south

the wind blows to the east

the wind blows to the west

do we really know which way the wind blows?

similar to the story of our life, you never know which way it will go

so serious

release the inner child, your true self, a life of inspiration to others, not a life expecting a pat on the back for a job well done because you climbed that mountain of hell.

sure, sharing your life story and how you have overcome is great, at what point will you stop making it about you, stop being so serious and live a little more freely.


scripture tells us more than our brains can comprehend.  remember not to be legalistic or pretentious, displaying perfection. nowhere in the bible does it say that you can’t laugh, that you can’t have fun.  Jesus had a fun filled life and ….in case you didn’t know…you ain’t GOD!

yep…my grammar is not perfectly placed in this blog….you know what…I did it ON PURPOSE!  So serious……get out and enjoy the sunshine, enjoy family, friends, and stop displaying yourself on social media, or your blogs, or anywhere.

If you want to share the love of God, and all that He has done for you, make it personal, face to face, one on one to those who need it most.  Take a walk with your neighbor, visit the hospitals, the nursing homes, share a moment with a veteran, someone is always facing a harder walk than you. Whether it be cancer, drug addiction, loneliness, depression, whatever it is…it’s not the end all of end alls…get off your soap box and stop drowning yourself in your own pitty or if you are pattin’ yourself on the back…careful not to break your arm for lack of reach…boasting is a sin too!

It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it is about others and bringing smiles,

hope, and love to other people!


Jesus tells us that man’s praise is short-lived and shallow (Matthew 6:2), but God himself will reward the things done in secret (Matthew 6:4).

Feel the wind, go have some fun and live life.

Stop seeking man’s praise and start living your best life yet!

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Connie Ann

The photo is by….you guessed it…Connie Ann Farmer

Editors note….all english, grammar, punctuations, and so on and so forth…are intentional…laugh a little 🙂


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